Web Development Course

Are you seeking a career as a Web Developer? We can give you training in UI/ UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and many other tools & techniques generally not covered by many other professional web designing training institutes. Almost every company these days requires a web developement to have a strong online presence. So, if you have chosen to be a web developer, it is, of course, the right decision, but to be a successful web designer, you need to choose the right training. Learn HTML and CSS with expert Web Development Team and convert a normal website to a top notch website.

On completion of the Website Development Training Course, you will be able to:

• Independently Design creative websites, mobile UIs, etc.,
• Gather and understand clients’ requirements
• Rectify responsive design problems
• Convert PSD Design to HTML Website
• Develop Mobile Responsive Websites

Web Development Syllabus Curriculum

Introduction To HTML
Introduction To Doctype
Structure Of HTML
Basic Tags
Attributes & VALUES
Comments , Header Tags
Font Tag
Image Tag
Link Tags
Text Linking
Image Linking
Marquee Tag
Order List
Unorder List
Definition List
Table Tag
Form Tags
Frame Tag
Audio , Video Tags
About Iframe Tag
Embedding Of Google Maps , You Tube Videos Into Our Web Page
Difference Between HTML & XHTML

About Canvas Tags
Placeholder Attribute
Require,Pattern,Auto Focus Attribute
Email , Tel, Url Types
Number Type,Date Type,Range Type

How To Create Css Class
How To Use The Class In Html.
Introduction To Cascading Style Sheets
Types Of CSS
About CSS Selectors
About CSS Properties
Background Properties
Box Properties
Border Properties
Positioning Properties CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical,Popup)
Creating Of Web Site By Using Div’s

Basic JavaScript
H 6ow Client Is Going To Communicate With Server ?
Introduction JavaScript
What Is JavaScript
What Is Statement
Types Of Statements
What Is Variable
Variable Declaration
What Is An Operator
Types Of Operators
Discuss Operators Theoretically And Practically
Conditional Statements
Introduction To Loops
For Loop Examples
While Loop Examples
Difference B/W While And Dowhile Loops Functions
Parameterized Functions
Non-Parameterized Functions
Difference B/W Parameterized And Non-Parameterized Functions
Math Calculations Using Functions
Math Calculations Using Functions And Forms
Introduction To Objects
What Is Property And Method
String Object
Math Object
Navigator Object
Screen Object
Date Object
Array Object
Window Object
Discuss Dropdown Menu Practically
Discuss Navigation Menu Practically

Convert template layout into Bootstrap to make it responsive.
BootStrep PSD To HTML Implement flash Presentation as per the Project requirement.
Flash Embedded in HTML.
Flash Motion.
Flash Button.
Flash with Sound and Animation