Dotnet Training Course

Dotnet Training Course with Job Placement we are build up your knowledge of theory and functional concepts through a live real-time project on We provide the best compensation you require in becoming a acknowledged Developer. achieve knowledge of how to develop eminently reliable and secure websites and web applications using .

What is Dotnet?

Dotnet is an open-source.Net framework it is developed by Microsoft. It is primarily designed to build robust, data-driven websites, real-time applications. It is a virtual machine for compiling and executing programs written in different languages like C#, VB.Net and tool Visual Studio for programming. The main concepts of include Architecture, server control, validation, applications, MVC, panel control, web form, debugging, error handling, API, Stack, heap, boxing, etc…

Why Choose Dotnet?

Dotnet is flexible compared to other platforms. As it supports Microsoft the company itself is considered as the most popular in the technology. Its WYSIWYG editor makes the data stable and safe. It can be run in many Operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.. You can build your career as.Net Developer, Ios and Android app development, Robotics, Automation, Cloud computing and much more. Most popular websites like GoDaddy, Dell, StackOverflow and more using ASP.NET MVC. Our Trainers offer online classes for You can join online or offline classroom as per your convenience.

Dotnet Syllabus Curriculum

Introduction to Dotnet
Introduction of Students
Career in ASP.Net
Working on Project and Assignment Using Lab

Programming Basics
• SQL Queries
• Basics of Designing –HTML and CSS
• SDLCIntroducation

Net Introduction
• Client and Server Standards
• .NET Framework Architectures
• Framework Components
• Designing Patterns (MVC)
• .NET Core

Programming with C#
• Keywords
• Identifiers
• Operators
• Value Types
• User Defined Data Types
• Boxing and UnBoxing Conversations
• String Manipulations
• Control statement
• Looping statement
• Arrays& Array List
• Class, Object, Methods Static
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Abstract Class and Interfaces,
• I/O
• Delegates
• Events
• Namespaces
• C# Collection
o Dictionary
o List
• Exception Handling
• Generics
• Threading

• MVC Architecture
• MVC Fundamentals
• Model, View, Controller
• Razer View
• ASPX View
• HtmlHelper (FileUpload,RadioButton,Image,DropDownlist)
• Session Variables
o View Bag
o View Data
o Temp Data
• State Management
• Template Integration
• Partial View
• Javascript
• JQuery
• Validation and Types

• Linq
• Entity Framework
• Ajax Calls with JSON
• DataTable and DataSet
• Working with Area
• WebGrid