Web design Training Course

Are you seeking a career as a Web Designer and Web Developer? We can give you training in UI/ UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and many other tools & techniques generally not covered by many other professional web designing training institutes. Almost every company these days requires a web designer to have a strong online presence. So, if you have chosen to be a web designer, it is, of course, the right decision, but to be a successful web designer, you need to choose the right training. Learn HTML and CSS with expert Web Design Team and convert a normal website to a top notch website.

On completion of the Website Design Training Course, you will be able to:

• Independently Design creative websites, mobile UIs, etc.,
• Gather and understand clients’ requirements
• Rectify responsive design problems
• Convert PSD Design to HTML Website
• Develop Mobile Responsive Websites

Web Design Syllabus Curriculum

Introduction to world wide web
Protocols of www
Hypertext links, url, domain name system
Internet ,Browsers, Website, Webpage, Home page

Introduction Graphics
Color Scheme
Visual communication,
laws of design,
Vector design,
vector v/s Rastor
creating Vectors,
visiting card
Layers, Animation
Template designing with Project

Introduction of HTML
The Nature of Web Designing
Web Designing Introduction
Browser Versions
Size and Resolution
Overview of HTML
Basic of HTML
HTML Editor
HTML Anchor Tag
Img Element
Ordered Lists
Unordered Lists
Nested Lists
Definition List
Tables: Basic Table Markup
Table Tags
Table Structure
HTML Form And Input
HTML Events

Introduction of CSS
CSS Fundamentals
CSS Boxes and CSS selectors
Types of Selector
HTML Selector
CSS Selector
Specificity in CSS
CSS Box Model
Design Customization with CSS
HTML and Scripting
Embedding Multimedia
Design Project Template structure
Design Customization with Div and Spam
CSS Fundamentals
CSS Types
Getting Started with CSS
Font Formatting with CSS
Floating and Positioning
Key Behaviors
Inline Element
Block Element
Clear Floating Element
Positioning and Types
CSS Page Layout
Liquid Page
Fixed Page
Elastic Page
Design the all pages as per the menu bar and link all pages to home page.
Cascade, Precedence, Specificity
And Inheritance in CSS
CSS Layers and Translucency
CSS in Real World
Advanced CSS Web Design
Border effect
Background effect
Text effect
Media Queries
Create a Responsive Layout of your previous project.
Html 5
Html 5 intro
HTML 5 new elements
Forms HTML 5
New HTML 5 tags
Implement Input Validation and slider as per the project requirement use below terminology – Java Script

Convert template layout into Bootstrap to make it responsive.
BootStrep PSD To HTML Implement flash Presentation as per the Project requirement Flash Embedded in HTML
Flash Motion
Flash Button
Flash with Sound and Animation